June 2016

Software Testing

Software testing is a process of finding software bugs and managing the life-cycle of bugs . Software testing is mainly two types. (1) Manual Testing. (2) Automated Testing. What is Manual Testing Manual testing is the process to execute application manually… Continue Reading →

Pioneering Factom

Honesty of each and every system in this world is totally dependent on it’s proprietor. if proprietor is honest so the system otherwise system is as corrupt as it’s proprietor. Do we have any means to challenge the system?, No,… Continue Reading →

Zentyal As A Gateway : For Load Balancing

1. What is Zentyal? 2. Perfect Setup of load balancing with  zentyal. Zentyal is the Linux Small Business Server, it lets you manage all your network services through one single platform. It’s a Network Gateway, as well as an Infrastructure,… Continue Reading →

Introduction to MongoDB

The most innovative structures for storing data today are NoSQL and object-oriented databases. These do not follow the table/row/column approach of RDBMS. There are four types of NoSQL databases :- Document Database Graph Database Key-value Database Wide-column Database This blog… Continue Reading →

Spark Micro Framework

When we think about development using java frameworks, first things that come to our mind are huge frameworks with tedious configuration with a lot of redundant code. Spark reduces these problems very effectively, It is one of the main reasons… Continue Reading →