Basics of Web API

Today, Mostly people are using mobile devices in place of web application such as iPhone, mobile phones and tablets in their daily lives. These devices also have many apps to make their life easier like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook etc. In… Continue Reading →

Query optimization in SQL Server

Introduction A query is a request for information from a database. Initially when we have small amount of data everything runs well. Now It has been long time since your team have developed the application. The same query that you… Continue Reading →

LINQ (The acronym LINQ is for Language Integrated Query) in C Sharp

  What is LINQ? LINQ is a Microsoft programming model and methodology that essentially adds formal query capabilities into Microsoft .Net –based programming languages. It is a component released within the .Net 3.5 framework which is the most powerful feature… Continue Reading →


SERIALIZATION Serialization is the process of turning an object in memory into a stream of byte so you can do stuff like store it on disk or send it over the network. A C# object can be serialized to XML… Continue Reading →