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When I started research on Kanban, I found it more interesting. In our daily life we use sticky notes to remember things. Kanban is just like sticky notes that are pasted on a board.

Kanban board is used to scheduled and track activities of any tasks assigned to us. We can manage time table according to these.

What is Kanban?
Kanban is a new technique for managing software development process in a highly efficient way.

In Japan there is a Manufacturing System In which supply component is registered through the use of an instruction card which is sent along to the production line. Kanban is Just-In-Time Production System.

Concept : The concept behind this Lean Manufacturing Tool is to reduce costs in high volume production lines. We achieve smooth and balanced material flows which results to controlled Investment.

A Kanban system consists of a set of cards, each allocated for parts being manufactured,
that travels between proceeding & subsequent process.

Objectives Of Kanban:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating waste/scrap.
  • Try to create work sites that can respond to change quickly.
  • Facilitate the methods of achieving and assuming quality control .
  • Design Works Sites According to Human Dignity, Mutual Trust & Support. Also allowing workers to reach their Maximum Potential.

Types Of Kanban:

  • Withdrawal Kanban
  • Production Kanban

Withdrawal Kanban: The Main Function Of Withdrawal Kanban is Pass the Authentication For the movement Of Parts the movement of parts from one stage to Another.

Production Kanban: The Primary Function of the Production Kanban is to release an order to the preceding stage to built the lot size indicated on card.

Now The Question Arises Why You Use Kanban In An Organization?
Lets take an example of a school. In school, a time table is given to us and we all had to follow that for our studies.That time table helped us to complete our homework and to succeed in our daily tasks. Kanban can be used in your professional life or in any organization to organize our tasks.

How to use Kanban in any Organization?

  • Create a task board on which you can track the activities of the project which is running in organization.
  • Assign the task to that for someone who has to work on a project .
  • Make a list of members to whom the project is assigned.

Better communication through visual Management.

The system’s highly visual nature allows teams to communicate more easily.
Kanban helps you to harness the power of visual information using virtual sticky notes on a white board to create a picture of your work.

It helps you to manage work flows in the team. It not only helps you to communicate but also give & receive context for the work.

Principles of Kanban:

Visualize work : By creating a visual model of your work you can observe the complete flow of work moving through your kanban system. It makes team to collaborate and they can increase communication.

Focus on Flow : By using kanban system it is easy to focus on the flow of task which you have to complete first. You can optimize the workflow.

Continuous Improvement:  Due to this system you can improve your performance day by day and team can feel their efforts & be able to track the flow, quality, time and more.

This Kanban can also be used in project management system where

  • Ideas for work plans
  • Listing of tasks
  • Documents can be there and you can add Kanban to track schedule.

So your team can collaborate and that power can make them feel good. Every individual task has unique nature. Each task should move through standardized project stage, so everyone can track.

Now we talk about the features which can be added to make a Kanban system more better.some features are mentioned below.

Feature :

  • Move boards to board
  • Move card from list to list.
  • Invite individual to the boards.
  • Assign the cards to team.
  • Add notes and hold the discussion on card.
  • Attach checklist or task to the cards.
  • Give comments about the daily activity.

The is all I had to summarize about Kanban. You can easily create a system like this.

Agami Technologies will soon come up with a complete product where people can store documentation , create work plans, manage projects, track the project in a single application.

Thank you for reading…………….!

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