Why OpportunityDealer.Com?

There are so many lead generation websites, so many online platforms which give you prospective leads but the intrinsic problem associated with all of these approaches is that you seldom get the matching lead. It is very difficult to get the lead or business contact in real time. There is a number of cycles involved, send message, check their interest, even after getting responses one cannot be sure that you can consider the lead as qualified.

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This is where we have tried to solve the problem through Opportunity Dealer.com, you need to add your offerings & requirements, as soon as a match appears you will get real time notification. Once you have matching contacts, you can go ahead and schedule a chat session, do a real-time chat and identify your probable matches. After this step you can go ahead and do a private chat to understand more, share numbers and move ahead with your business.


This platform is free for the first six months and you can register as an individual or as an organization. The charges post 6 months will be kept very reasonable.


You can also create your portfolio using predefined portfolio templates or upload your own portfolio in pdf format.


We are working on a number of good features to take business networking to a new level altogether.


It will be very nice to see your feedback through comments. You can also email: info@agamitechnologies.com


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