jQuery is awesome!

So many frameworks around, giving the developers a way to organize and write code with greater precision.

All of these frameworks help the programmer write components, interaction with other components, updating virtual DOM, create Single Page Applications and of course manage state, In fact there are many libraries around state management itself.  Appear so glamorous isn’t it? However it keeps on adding complexity as components, managing dependencies, it gets messier when one of the modules which has dependency on other module changes, and proper care has not been taken to ensure the specific modules. Eventually the time spent to manage the bundling, dependencies goes way beyond what it should take.

And it is interesting to see that a number of components/plugins are wrapped up to use an underlying jQuery plugin.

IMHO while on the aspect of managing the user interface, the components appear to solve the problem, but it is certainly not fast when it comes to the delivery time required. state management code requires tremendous time and boilerplate code.

jQuery is very easy to manage and has a very rich library set, all that needs to be done is to use it as a proper SPA and manage the state and see the magic, it is easy, fast and really sophisticated to build any type of web application or website.

Club it with PWA and see the magic! And probably with WebAssembly in vicinity, there could be better choices of development.

So jQuery is awesome for few more years to come, to give businesses the real boost for application development!

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