Setup Process of OpenVPN server with zentyal

What is OpenVPN Overview OpenVPN  is open source software which means that everyone can freely use it and modify it as needed that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged… Continue Reading →

Object Relational Mapping in PHP

This blog is about what is Object Relational Mapping? Why and when we should use Object Relational Mapping with PHP. What is Object Relational Mapping? Object-Relational Mapping in computer science is a programming technique for converting data between incompatible type… Continue Reading →

Getting started with Angular

Did you ever think why new technology comes to the market after every period of time? Here is the answer, We Programmers want to serve the world a magic. This magic makes us more curious as the day passes. Lets… Continue Reading →

Swift for iOS Development

Why Swift? Objective-C is a layer built on the C language, making it static, but it can also be used for dynamic typing. Apple’s Swift is a static language designed to be compatible with Objective-C, but its static-typing makes it… Continue Reading →

Generate and Configure Self-Signed SSL Certificate on Nginx

INTRODUCTION NGINX NGINX, an open source, high-performance HTTP server,  reverse proxy, and IMAP/POP3 proxy server, has gained popularity as a load balancer. OpenSSL OpenSSL is a general purpose cryptography library that provides an open source implementation of the Secure Sockets… Continue Reading →

LINQ (The acronym LINQ is for Language Integrated Query) in C Sharp

  What is LINQ? LINQ is a Microsoft programming model and methodology that essentially adds formal query capabilities into Microsoft .Net –based programming languages. It is a component released within the .Net 3.5 framework which is the most powerful feature… Continue Reading →

Java 8 – Lambda Expressions Primer

Java is object oriented programing language i.e. everything in java revolves around the object. In Java all the functions and variables are the part of Classes and we have to use object of that class to invoke the same. some… Continue Reading →

MD5 & SHA Hashing Algorithm

Overview on MD5 Algorithm The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function that produces a 128 bit (16-byte) hash value. It is very simple and straight forward; the basic idea is to map data sets of variable… Continue Reading →

Software Testing

Software testing is a process of finding software bugs and managing the life-cycle of bugs . Software testing is mainly two types. (1) Manual Testing. (2) Automated Testing. What is Manual Testing Manual testing is the process to execute application manually… Continue Reading →

Pioneering Factom

Honesty of each and every system in this world is totally dependent on it’s proprietor. if proprietor is honest so the system otherwise system is as corrupt as it’s proprietor. Do we have any means to challenge the system?, No,… Continue Reading →